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Thanks guys!

Hello awesome blog reader, I just wanted to thank you for all of your support! Today we reached 500 views/day! Thanks very much. And also, if you’re wondering about my Ainol Elf 2, it is still between GUANGZHOU and Tunisia (:o 4 days passed now…) 😥 am really sad and I want my tablet!


New Ainol Elf 2 ROM: “Eleven” released


Hello awesome blog followers, today I want to talk about a new custom (non official) ROM called “Eleven”. For those who don’t know what a ROM is, here is what the folks at Lifehacker say about it:

What’s a ROM?

One of the best things about the openness of the Android platform is that if you’re unhappy with the stock OS, you can install one of many modified versions of Android (called ROMs) on your device. The downside is that there are so many developers and different Android devices out there that the custom ROM scene can be very difficult to navigate.

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Ainol Novo 7 Elf II & Aurora II Source Code Released!

Today is a big day in the Ainol Elf 2 and Aurora 2 life! Ainol just announced in a fairly long message the source code for these two awesome tablets. Developers, like me are very happy and very excited. If you’re just a user and you don’t know what this is, let me explain it to you: Ainol and other tablet manufacturers use Android OS (wich is open source and every one can modify it) BUT they use their own drivers and other tweaks to the system to make it compatible with the tablets they make. Developer need to know what changes Ainol made to their tablets to make their own custom ROMs and port the newest Android releases to our tablets. So, today, and after a lot of requests and even threats of legal suits (because Ainol promises that it will keep its software open source), the chinese company just released the source code for both Novo7 Elf 2 (II) and Aurora 2 (II) ! Here is the complete message from the official Ainol forum:

Long-term users all know that Ainol promoted the open-sourcing of Novo7 Basic /Honeycomb using JZ4770 chips of Ingenic and Novo7 Advanced Ⅰusing A10 chip of Allwinner last year, and then open source (non-public) of Novo AuroraⅠto the player group. DIYers from all over the world made plenty of DIY firmwares or transplanted CM7、CM9、CM10、 2.3.7 to Novo8 and Novo7 AdvancedⅠ,etc, and some modules and firmwares were transplanted and applied to other brands even other pads with different schemes, which boost the DIY firmwares of whole homemade pads to some extent.

Now Ainol establish the new cooperation with AML. Early before launching the new pads, Ainol and AML agreed to open source and reached agreement on framework of open-sourcing cooperation, so the source code(non-public) of Ainol Tornado and Mars using M3 chips with old core were released one month ago, and the DIY 4.04 firmware made by player group has been released for testing. The source code of Elf Ⅱand AuroraⅡusing MX chips were released early this month, and soon the first DIY core of Elf Ⅱ and AuroraⅡmade by lifeiyu was released. Many problems which confused the users for quite a long time have been solved, such as the video deformation caused by the forced Scale and wifi connection problems. The DIY firmware also add some new functions such as cifs and expand the usage of usb interface such as external usb adapter network card and external serial card and so on, which reappear the charming of open-sourcing. 

The source code of Elf Ⅱ and AuroraⅡ will be released first. Since the source code of Fire, Tornado and Mars have to be organized and uploaded to new network backups (115 can’t share openly) , they will be released a week later or so. DIYers from both home and abroad are warmly welcome to develop and transplant more firmwares, and the post and communication of DIY firmwares on Ainol BBS will also be appreciated. If there’s any technical assistance demand, pls contact us player group or Ainol, we will do our best to meet your demands. 



A lot of ROMs will be now created by tablet developers and we expect a more stable CM10 (Jelly Bean) port to these two tablets VERY soon.

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Jelly Bean on Ainol Novo7 Elf II !

Update: Ainol Elf 2 Source Code Released


Hello awesome blog readers! This blog is just 1 day old and we’ve already got lots of visits. It means only one thing: Ainol Novo7 Elf 2 users/future buyers are numerous and are loving the blog!

One of the most popular questions that people ask today before buying an Android tablet is: will it support Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) ? The short answer is HELL YEAH! The long answer is after the break 🙂

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Ainol Novo7 Elf 2 vs Aurora 2 : IPS screen

Just a little comparison video that shows the difference between the normal screen of the Elf 2 and the IPS screen of the Aurora 2. I really didn’t wanted the IPS screen because I don’t think it is worth the additionnal 20$ but you might want to consider that if you are a hardcore gamer, or an internet addict.

Updates... updates!

My Elf II just left the CHANGSHA sorting center in its way to Tunisia from China!

2012-08-23  18:18:00 CHANGSHA Posting
2012-08-24  08:46:34 CHANGSHA Arrival at Sorting Center
2012-08-24  11:23:41 CHANGSHA Despatch from Sorting Center

Order shipped by McBub on 23/08/2012

Tracking status

I made a decision!

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog :p !

I’m Wassim Gharbi from Tunisia and I made this blog for current and future Ainol Novo7 Elf II (2) users that want to get informations about this tablet before buying or customize it after buying. As I’m writing this, my Ainol Novo7 Elf II is being shipped to me from China by EMS.

So, After a lot of thinking and hundreds of Youtube video reviews played, I decided to buy the Ainol Novo7 Elf II (2) tablet because of its specs and of course price. So, how did I decide to buy this tablet? First of all, I wanted a 7″ tablet pc, 10″ tablets were big for me (especially that I already got my hands on an iPad and saw how big it was…). I wanted a tablet that has a quiet large screen but that can fit in a small school-bag, because I entend to bring my tablet to school as a replacement for school books. The second criteria was the OS, I already got an iPhone and an Android phone, I love both even if my Android experience wasn’t really good because of the low-spec Android phone I had. Android was the only choice I had, because iPads are big, Blackberries and HPs aren’t so popular. Now, let’s see the choice of cheap Android 4.0+ 7″ tablets: We have the Ainol Novo7 Aurora II, Ainol Novo7 Elf II, a generic chinese A10 tablet labeled as Gpad G7/McPad/YeahPad/…, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ and Google Nexus 7.

The last two, were out of my budget so we find our selves with the two Ainol tablets and the Gpad G7/YeahPad. The Gpad G7 was very cheap (>60$) but it lacked a lot of functionalities I really wanted such as the HDMI port, the dual core processor (even if its processor is very good, and near dual core performance), the dual core graphics and community support. So, I had to chose from the Aurora II and the Elf II, both of these tablet have a lot of very good reviews: some of the reviews say that these are the BEST 7″ tablets (excluding Nexus 7). In benchmark, these two tablets have a higher score than the Galaxy Tab 2 and are exactly below the Asus Transformer. The Aurora II and the Elf II have the same dual-core 1.5Ghz Amlogic processor, they also have the same GPU, the same 1024*600 HD resolution and they both have an HDMI output. The only difference I can notice is the IPS screen of the Aurora II (180° viewing angle) and I didn’t really want such a good display on my budget tablet. So I had to choose the Elf II. I’ve also seen that developers (here) were working on a CM10 (Jelly Bean 4.1) version for this tablet so that was very good for me

Here is a comparison table from

Now that I chose the tablet, I had to find a reliable website where I can buy the tablet. I already got McBub in mind, because they have community support, they also have a very nice and helpful customer support that is available directly from their website via instant chat. I searched a lot and found some websites that have the tablet in a lower price than McBub but they weren’t as reliable as McBub, so I decided to buy from it. Another advantage of this website is that it has accessories for almost every single tablet they sell, so finally I placed my order at the 20/08/2012 with the tablet itself, some accessories for my iPhone and for the tablet and I choose EMS shipping to Tunisia because regular post was unreliable and very slow and also to avoid DHL tax fees. The shipping cost was a little bit high (65$ compared to 111$ for the tablet) but I didn’t want to wait more for my Elf II :p.

McBub has a 3 days maximum processing time, and they respected it. On the 23/08/2012 (today) I received an email from McBub saying that my order was shipped and I was given an EMS tracking number to use on or . Stay tuned and subscribe to the blog for more information and for the review of the tablet 🙂

Thanks for visiting the blog!

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