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What’s in my order

Hello guys 🙂 this is just a post to tell you what will come (and what will I review) when the package arrives to Tunisia. Just a reminder: As I told you in an earlier post, the EMS tracking system says that the package left GUANGZHOU to Tunisia or an International HUB (this is my first time getting an EMS package :p). So, here is what I will get (probably in 3/4 days):

First of all, the Ainol Elf 2 tablet itself for 111$
A nice Leather case for Ainol Novo7 Elf 2
An IPhone Tripod I always wanted, because I use my iPhone to shoot & film
2xStylus Pen for both the Ainol Elf 2 and my iPhone
Mini HDMI to HDMI cable for the Ainol Elf II (2)
HDMI to VGA/RCA cable for my old TV
VGA to RCA/S-Video cable for my iPhone (to my old TV)

My Ainol Elf 2 just left GUANGZHOU :D

Updates! Here is a new update on my Ainol Novo7 Elf II (& accessories) package I ordered from McBub: It just left GUANGZHOU, next step is either an International HUB (USA, GB…) or directly to my country Tunisia. says:

2012-08-23  18:18:00 CHANGSHA Posting
2012-08-24  08:46:34 CHANGSHA Arrival at Sorting Center
2012-08-24  11:23:41 CHANGSHA Despatch from Sorting Center
2012-08-25  11:13:00 GUANGZHOU Arrival at Sorting Center
2012-08-26  01:39:00 GUANGZHOU Despatch from Sorting Center

My package just arrived at GUANGZHOU!


Good morning everybody, I just checked the EMS tracking website and there is a new update: My Ainol Elf 2 just arrived at GUANGZHOU where it will be handed to customs, released from customs then transferred to Tunisia! Am very happy! I was a little bit worried because there were no updates for a while 🙂

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